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Rules For Operation


Be it resolved by the Board of Directors of the Charlotte Swim and Racquet Club: That, whereas the Board of Directors believes that it is in the best interest of the Club, its membership and of the community in which it is located to discourage discrimination, not only in employment and education, but also in social and recreational activities; It is, therefore, hereby resolved that no person shall be denied membership in Charlotte Swim & Racquet Club because of race, religion, color, sex or national origin.



General Rules

The following rules are for the benefit of all users of our club facilities and are intended to promote safety and sanitation. Members should instruct their children and guests to observe all rules and obey lifeguards and pool manager. Continual failure to comply with the rules must be considered cause for suspension of privileges.

All members must enter the club area during the hours of pool operation by using the main gate at the pool. Registration by all members and guests is required prior to using the pool or tennis facilities.


  • A. Pool hours:
    • 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday thru Saturday
    • 12:00 noon to 9:00 PM Sunday
    • Pool hours may be subject to temporary change at the discretion of the pool manager based upon the number of persons using the pool. During Swim & Dive season, the pool will close early for home meets. Any changes will be clearly posted.
  • B. During inclement weather, the pool may be closed at the discretion of the pool manager.
  • C. The pool may remain open until 10:00 PM for special events on Friday and Saturday provided prior approval is obtained.
  • D. For swimming team practice, the pool is reserved from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Monday through Friday until competitive swim season is completed.
  • E. For 10 minutes each afternoon, on or about each hour, children age 15 and under will leave the water and go on deck while adults and teenagers 16 and over may swim.
  • F.  Upon request, during the evening hours of 5:30 to 7:30 PM, up to two lanes will be roped off for lap swimming.


  • A. Out-of-town guests may be brought at any time.
  • B. Local guests may be brought Saturday, Sunday, holidays or after 5:00 PM Friday for a fee of $5.00 per guest. No local guests on weekends or holidays allowed on tennis courts.
  • C. All guests must be registered.
  • D. The fee for local guests is $3.00 per guest during times other than those listed in 2.B. above.
  • E. Any member bringing guests at times other than those designated will be subject to a fine of $5.00 per guest.
  • F. Any in-town resident will be allowed to be a guest at the pool no more than ten times during a summer.

3. All bathers must shower before entering the pool. No street shoes allowed on pool deck. No running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing or causing undue disturbance allowed in or about the pool area.

4. Certain approved water games, such as water polo or cross pool, may be permitted provided they are conducted in off-peak hours in a clearly defined area designated by and under the supervision of the pool manager or lifeguards. Abuse of this privilege shall be cause for suspension of the privilege.

5. No pets allowed within the pool area.

6. Admission shall be refused anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, or wearing bandages.

7. No recreational floating equipment may be used in the pool (other than “noodles”). Non-swimmer children must be under direct adult supervision at all times. While under that supervision, they may use water wings, life jackets, swim rings, or swim ring vests.

8. Wading pool use is limited to children 6 years of age and under.

9. Children using wading pool must be supervised by a parent or responsible person.

10. All members including children shall use the pool and club facilities at their own risk.

11. Children who have not reached their 10th birthday will not be permitted within the club grounds unaccompanied. Parents may assign a designee to accompany children. Designees 18 years of age or under must provide one-on-one supervision in the water. Designees over the age of 18 may provide supervision from the poolside. Abuse of the privilege will be cause for suspension of the privilege.

12. Children who are not reliably toilet trained must wear rubber pants (not a disposable diaper) to swim in the baby pool.There are no exceptions! (“Little Swimmers” do not suffice on this own—they leak.) This is a health department regulation!Rubber pants can be purchased in the swim office.

13. No hard balls are allowed in the pool. Prohibited balls include tennis balls, racquet balls, and footballs. Balls that are allowed include splash balls and inflatable balls, such as beach balls. Water guns are not allowed at the pool.

14. Members may not use the diving blocks during normal pool hours; they are reserved for swim team practice only. The block in the lap lane may be used during normal team hours, but only to practice for competitive swimming.

15. Any person not obeying the rules will be benched for 10 minutes. A second offense may be grounds for being expelled from the pool for a time specified by the pool manager or the manager’s designees.

16. The cost of any property damage due to negligence will be charged to the responsible member.

17. The club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

18. No intoxicants may be brought on club grounds.

19. Food and refreshments may be consumed only in prescribed areas (not in the general pool area). No chewing gum is permitted.

20. No glass containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area.

21. All trash must be disposed of in trash containers.

22. No smoking is permitted on club property.

23. No abusive or objectionable language will be permitted on club property.

24. Members will drive slowly and carefully on driveway and parking area.

25. All bicycles will be parked in prescribed area.

26. The lifeguards may not give private swimming lessons while on duty.

27. No authorized person will be allowed near the filter plant, in the office or in the pump house at any time. No one should climb on lifeguard stands, distract lifeguards, or talk with lifeguards while guards are on duty.

28. No individual or organization (except for organizations directly affiliated with the club, such as the swim team) shall be allowed to use club facilities for private sales, solicitations, or fund-raising.

29. One section of the pool will be open for free swim during morning lessons. Swimmers will be allowed in the roped off area where lessons are being held or the diving area during morning lessons.

30. Health Department rules require that all chairs be kept at least 8′ from the pool at all times.

3 1. It shall be the duty of the pool manager, assisted by the lifeguards to enforce all of the rules of the Club.

Diving Board Rules

  1. Anyone using the diving area must be able to demonstrate, upon lifeguard’s request, that he or she can swim one complete lap of the pool.
  2. Divers are allowed one  bounce before going off the board.
  3. Divers must go off the front of the board.
  4. No swimming in the diving area when the board is in use.
  5. No child under age 7 is permitted to use the diving area or boards without close adult supervision.
  6. Only one diver will be permitted on the board at a time. The next diver must wait until the diver has gone off the board before climbing the ladder.
  7. No sitting on the boards.
  8. No diving off the side of the pool into the diving area will be permitted while the boards are in use.
  9. Children may not jump off a diving board and be caught by anyone (including a parent!).

Lesson Rules

  1. Any child participating in swim lessons is ultimately the responsibility of the parent. If the child has not demonstrated proficiency in swimming the length of the pool, the parent should supervise the child from the side of the pool throughout the entire lesson.
  2. Swim lessons are 45 minutes per class each day for 5 days. Students may sign up for lessons in person in the Pool office. Payment of the session lesson fee is due when students sign up for lessons. Students must be members to take swim lessons.

Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

  1. Proper dress is required on tennis courts at all times.  No cut-offs or bathing suits.  All players must wear shirts and proper footwear (smooth soled tennis shoes.) 
  2. Guests: Refer to Rule 2 of the Rules for Operation. (See below.)
  3. If there are waiting players, please limit play to two sets. At that time, the court must be vacated for waiting players. Please show consideration for the rights of others.
  4. One person will not be permitted to hold a court while waiting for his or her opponent. The court should be surrendered to the next set of waiting players.
  5. Priority for court use will be as follows:
    • League play
    •  Clinics
    • Club-scheduled camps
    • Private lessons
    • Doubles
    • Singles
  6. Players should not enter or leave the courts when play is in progress on an adjoining court.
  7. The tennis professional and the manager of the club are authorized and directed to enforce all rules, and the cooperation of all members is expected.
  8.  Children are not allowed on tennis courts unless they are playing tennis or participating in a clinic or camp.
  9. No individual is allowed to give lessons for private gain on club premises while a pro is under contract with the club. 
  10. Please help to maintain four old balls in each Scor-Post at all times. 

Rules for Use of Lighted Courts

  1. Children may not use the lighted courts at night if no adult members are present at the club. This is for protection of our young people, and we recommend that all members use prudence in playing at the club after dark.
  2. If you are the last member to leave the courts, please turn off the lights (switch is located on the pole outside Court 4). The lights will turn off automatically at 10:30 PM, but please turn off the switch anyway or the lights will turn on automatically the next afternoon.


  1. All guests must be registered.
  2. Out-of-town guests may be brought at any time.
  3. The fee for local guests on weekends (beginning after 5:00pm Friday) and holidays is $5.00 per guest.
  4. The fee for local guests at all other times is $3.00 per guest
  5. Guests of our members may use all facilities at the club.
  6. During swim season, all guest fees, including those for use of the tennis courts, shall be payable to staff at the pool.
  7. During the off season, tennis guest fees shall be payable to the tennis professional, the board tennis chairman, or mailed directly to the bookkeeper.
  8. There is a limit of 10 visits per local guest per year.